Why do we care about what others think of us and how to stop it

I am quite different from the bunch, which means that i don’t care what others think of me, except for, it doesn’t. I care just as much as anyone else, i just don’t let it affect my actions. How – i will discuss that later, but first, i want to talk about underlying reasons and evolutionary purposes of caring about other people’s opinions, which is why we still have this gene today. In case you decide to go ice fishing, you’ll definitely need good boots. Which you can find at : http://www.ice-fishing-gear.com/best-ice-fishing-boots/ .

 When Homo Sapiens was first trying to populate regions other than Africa, they tried to settle Middle East and Europe, which was at the time inhabited by Neanderthals. And turns out, homo sapiens wasn’t so advanced after all, and Neanderthals quickly drove ous out back into Africa. The main reason for our loss was that we, at the time, didn’t yet have ability to live in large groups or societies. Our biggest groups consisted of few families who were closely related to each other. And this didn’t turn out to be enough to resist Neanderthals who were much bigger and stronger than us.

 But then we developed ability to live in larger groups. Our groups grew from less than dozen, to couple of dozens or even hundreds of people. Which was our main evolutionary advantage over other human and animal species. A solitary tiger could get one human at a time, but against the whole band, it was powerless. So due to such huge evolutionary advantage, caring about what others in tribe thought of you became a must-have character to survive, and even though on smaller scale, continues to matter today. So don’t try to cheat your instincts or suppress them. Just accept that you’re human and do care about being liked among your peers. But you also have that rational brain which can analyze information and make conscious decision to not act on your instincts, even though it might feel wrong.

 Our stone age instincts is one of the reasons why people are fooled so easily. Politicians abuse our vulnerability to these instincts and use us for their own good. Some of them do it more than others, though. For example, Trump gets off on planting fear in people that outsiders are getting in country and destroying it from inside, taking jobs and all that rhetoric. Some of it is true, and the rest is too complicated for most people to understand, and we have in our instincts to be afraid of outsiders, so being anti-foreigners feels very right to our primitive minds. It’s sad to see how our minds are screwing us over, but what can you do.

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