My original take on dating – Why you should not chase girls

I see so many guys around me do this and it makes me sad every time to see that guys still have not found out the truth. And that truth is that you should not chase girls. Energy you spend on trying to make them like you over and over can be spent much effectively. Just think about it – how much time and money do guys spend to meet girls or set up plans to “accidentally” run into them, and yet they don’t realize that pushing yourself into their faces will not make them like you. And the same guys often complain that most girls date jerks and not nice guys like them. But what they don’t realize, is that at some point in your life, being nice but weak makes you burden on others you’re with. It’s nut just about having and making money, but it’s a start. No one wants to be with someone who’s going to burden them financially or socially. Therefore, instead of chasing their tails, you guys should work on improving yourselves and being the best versions of yourself. Instead of looking for problems in other people, start looking for flaws in yourself and get working to fix them. It’s easy to blame your failure on others or bad luck, but it’s not very productive approach.

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So instead of complaining that girls don’t like you, or they just don’t make sense, use that energy to work on improving yourself. And you’d be surprised how much of our free time we spend on chasing girls or trying to please them. Only if all guys realized what i just said and stopped going after girls, our dating situation would be so much better. Females get away with so many double standards, just because there is huge demand for them in dating pool, as opposed to guys, whose supply is way over the top.

 It’s just a simple rule of economics – if the supply goes down, value will go up. And it’s not like girls have any other alternatives – they need guys just as much as we need them. But because of the status quo, they can get away with a lot more. So, to sum it up, stop chasing the girls and focus that energy on growth. For reasons listed here, i stopped doing it myself, and even though it might seem strange, it feels liberating and so right. I might be wrong and end up not getting any for years to come, but i’m willing to take that risk for this feeling of freedom. I hope these tips make sense and if they don’t, don’t hesitate to tell me which point in particular seems logically wrong.

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